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For Guys: How To Last Long During S3x (18+)


Is really disappointing for any man to cum too soon during S3x. Both partners will certainly not feel S3xually satisfied if this is the case.

How To Last Long During S3x

So we bring you ways on How To Last Long During S3x: 

1. Ma5turbation and Control

If you haven’t Ejaculeted for a while, maybe few days or weeks, then it will definitely be a task for you to hold when you are having S3x.

Spend sometime with yourself, pleasure yourself, there is nothing wrong if you Ma5turbate when you are married or in a serious relationship. This helps, when you are H0rny while having S3x and it helps you to control.

Do not rush while you Ma5turbate. Take time with your little soldier, watch something N@ughty (P0rn) or talk dirty to your girl over the phone, while Ma5turbating.

Every time you think you are about to Ejaculete, hold back and think about something else. The more you practice holding back, the more easier it will be for you to last longer in bed.

2. Adjust your moves

When you are having S3x, remember the one on top has the control. So it’s simple spend more time on top of your partner. When you are in charge, you can decided your pace or stop when you think you are about to Ejaculete.

There are times you would want to shift your weight. When you are on top and you think you are about to come, place your forearms on either side of her and shift your body weight onto your arms.

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Stop moving, take your time and let your solider relax, then you can easily start moving again.

3. Condom

Yes condom can help you delay when you come, some might not really know this but a very tight condom can turn a 2minute man into a 2hours man that your woman would have to beg you to cum.

It will make cumming difficult that you will have to force your self to the point when you will finally jerk off.

how this work is very simple, by holding your organ very tight it reduces the sensitivity and also prevents cums from flowing through! you might have to go extra miles to cum when you use a condom smaller than your organ size.

4. Rhythm:

changing the way you hit her during s3x can also play a role in how quick you will spill.. If you are looking to last longer on top of her then the way you hit her should change from time to time.

Maybe you where going really fast at some point and you notice you might cum soon, what you should do is go a little slow for some time to buy you some time for your over excited body to return back to some sort of normal state so you can get back on track again!

it all depends on what you where doing,rhythm change could also help delay ejaculation.

5. Thoughts:

Durng s3x, what you think about matters alot, the more you think about whats happening and how sweet it is, the quicker you are likely to spill out..

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If you wish to stay long in there, then thinking about something away from home (i mean her body) might really help out. Or you could engage her in a discussion while in action, ask her questions and you will find some of the most funny answers from her loool.

Though some ladies might not talk they will just smile all through, but talking to her might be a way for you to take you thaughts away from the action and focus it on questions and her responses cos it’s your brain that help you interprets the pleasure and satisfaction you derive during s3x.

6. Exercise:

It is no longer a myth that most 2minute men are pot bellied and thats why you still see sugar mummy business booming, as some of the wives of these rich pot bellied men would seek for pleasure outside their home.

Take it or leave it exercise does improve s3xually stamina..if you are to workout concentrate on your abdominal region (greetings to all 6packs guys in the house), and you could also work on your chest a little and your laps.

Regular exercise keeps you fit and would make s3x less of a stress as your body will be very flexible to do all the different stuffs that will help delay ejaculation.

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NB: Please there is no need for you to kill yourself over pleasuring a woman, a woman that wants to cheat would cheat no matter what you do, and a woman who will not cheat will never cheat and would always try her best to help out.

The problem we have is that our society see this as a disease because alot of people want to sell their products.

The truth about the whole thing is that its more of an issue related to over excitement, been naive and what the man really wants…

The truth is if you damage your organs from taking alcohol, 5000mg of tramadol, chewing paracetamol, taking some herbal mixture (who’s content are unknown), after you die someone else will continue from where you stop and shag that woman you died pleasing!!

Be your real self and master what works for you, ejaculation can be controlled, it all depends on what you want…


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